Fighting Friends

Years ago, my little brother and I were in a good routine of fighting every day.  We found any reason to be mad at each other and yell about it.  Our mom got sick of it and tried so many things to help us get along.  She tried time-outs, she tried other punishments and consequences.  … More Fighting Friends

Chairs and Benches

I don’t know about you, but I learn things about myself all the time.  I still learn that I like to do certain things and I don’t really like others.   Unfortunately, to learn you don’t like something, you really do have to try it and experience it. My mom has said that she doesn’t have … More Chairs and Benches

Forever House

There was a time where I liked surprising poetry and stories with a twist.   One I wrote went something like this: Barney You’re purple and big, You’re spots are so few, You’re shaped like a fig, And I love you. Wait, You love me too? Creep. I thought I was clever at least. One … More Forever House


Eventually I’ll write the whole story, the story of how my husband and I met and fell in love.  But today is his birthday and I want to share a funny part. Our families have known each other for years, but Tate and I became friends at the end of high school. Tate was graduated … More MCC

Red Jello

I’m sure if you know her, you know that my mom is pretty awesome. She’s the best mom I could ever have. However, she and I haven’t always gotten along too well. I was never the kind of kid who thought her parent’s were perfect.  I knew they were great, but I knew they had … More Red Jello

The Choice Posters

As you may or may not know, I was a child very good at the art of tantrum throwing.  My emotions were strong and I didn’t know how to control myself much of the time. Unfortunately, as the oldest child, I was “supposed to know better.”  Even though I was still young, still learning, I … More The Choice Posters